About me


I have over 7 years in mobile apps as a product lead and 1 year as a developer. During my career, I went the whole way from a support specialist, though a frontend developer, project and product lead and have chosen to grow as Swift Developer. I think the Swift ecosystem is the best one right now and have all chances to become significant in all fields (not just mobile) due to the constant evolution of the language and LLVM.

I believe that the only way to truly overcome a challenge is to build a deep understanding of the systems around it and then build your solution on top of that. That is why in my work I’m practising a holistic approach, and system thinking and constantly growing my knowledge in multiple disciplines like Mobile, Deep Learning, Backend, DevOps, etc.

Always looking forward to working and learning from dynamic teams, tackling hard challenges with lots of data, and complex and snappy UIs to deliver business value to customers.

What I do


  • Critical thinking and problem solving: if you have a problem I will provide a working solution
  • Can manage the full cycle of software development: have prior experience as team leader of a team 25 ppl
  • Businesses analysis: have prior experience as a product manager and data analyst

Fun facts

Sometimes I write blog and tweet thoughts. Feel free to reach me on LinkedIn to talk about jobs.

Looking for my CV? Get PDF or view on GitHub!